Change log

Changes to the Fantasy Cyclocross site are listed here.

v1.1 / 15 October 2021

Added in public profiles for users. Link added to riders individual page to 

v1.05 / 14 October 2021

Updated the how to play page with information on scoringand transfers. 

v1.04 / 13 October 2021

Fixed bug where users could change a team during a race. Team changes are now blocked 2hrs before a race and until the results are added. 

v1.03 / 6 October 2021

Added more riders from first World Cup start list

v1.02 / 6 October 2021

Adding change log

v1.01 / 1 October 2021

Adding in social links to footer and bug fixes

v1.0 / 29 September 2021

Launch of website